an alternative vision for tilehurst with U+I

TOWN, with its partner U+I plc, is establishing a new vision for development of land at Pincents Lane, in Tilehurst.

It seeks to put forward a sensitive response to the local context that will help meet West Berkshire’s growing demand for housing while contributing positively to the local area.

delivering much needed new homes

The UK is experiencing a housing crisis – and few places are feeling this more closely than West Berkshire and Reading. Here, homes cost on average almost nine times average earnings, placing home ownership outside the reach of many people, especially the young. Pincents Lane is capable of delivering at least 200 homes help to meet local need, including a substantial proportion of affordable homes in line with West Berkshire’s housing policies.

public outdoor space

Alongside much-needed new homes, Pincents Lane would also provide generous open space that would be dedicated permanently to public use and, if desired, placed in public ownership. This would be specifically intended to benefit the people already living in the local area, as well as new residents.

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