1st FEBRUARY 2019


1st FEBRUARY 2019



Press release – New homes, healthcare hub and public park for Tilehurst

  • Plans feature 40% affordable housing (106 homes)
  • Includes a 4,800 sq ft healthcare hub
  • A new 17-acre public park
  • 60% of the site to be kept permanently as green open space
  • £1 million for local infrastructure

Proposals for new homes, a healthcare hub and a public park in Tilehurst have been submitted to West Berkshire Council.

The planning application, submitted by TOWN and its partner U+I plc, for land off Pincents Lane includes 265 homes, of which 106 (40%) will be affordable, helping first-time buyers and young families invest in their own home.

It follows several years of detailed technical work, discussions with the Council, local residents and community groups including a well-received, major public consultation event in September 2018, all of which have helped to shape the proposals.

In addition to the mix of housing, a wide range of community benefits are proposed: there will be a 4,800 sq ft healthcare hub – included in direct response to comments received during public consultation – with seven hectares of land being dedicated for community use as a public park. The new park will be owned and managed by a local or charitable body and legally protected from future development, ensuring that it remains as a public amenity in perpetuity. In addition, over £1 million will be made available to improve local infrastructure – such as schools and roads – through the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Jonny Anstead, Director of TOWN, commented: “There are many people who want the chance to be able to invest in their own home but who are unable to do so because of the high cost of property.1 Often they are unable to afford a home in the place where they grew up and have to move away from their friends and family. Our scheme will help people in this position and offer them a chance to invest in a community with fantastic new facilities”.


1 West Berkshire is one of the most expensive places to live in the Country. In 2017 the average property price stood at just under eleven times income (compared to just eight times in 2013). Reference: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/housing/bulletins/housingaffordabilityinenglandandwales/2017

Construction of the development is projected to lead to over 70 permanent jobs in the economy. Around 50 of these will be in the local area. The proposed healthcare hub will also create 11 local jobs. The new residents are forecast to spend over £3.5m per annum in the local economy.

For more information please contact Emily Annable on 07866 749047.