11th January 2016


11th January 2016


K1 Cohousing recently won the environmental category in the Cambridge Property Awards 2015.

TOWN’s Jonny Anstead attended a presentation ceremony at the home of the award’s sponsor, the Cambridge Evening News, together with Mole Architects and members of K1 Cohousing.

The prize comes at an important time for the project, with a detailed planning application having recently been submitted. It’s intended to commence delivery in mid-2016.

Here are some of the environmental features offered that helped the scheme to win.

Trivselhus Climate Shield System

Homes at K1 Orchard Park will be built using the Trivselhus Climate Shield closed timber panel construction system. The system is based on 240mm thick wall panels precision-manufactured in Trivselhus’s factory in Korsberga, Sweden, offering very high standards of insulation and air-tightness. All homes come with a full ten-year warranty from a recognised UK provider.

Triple-glazed windows

Every home will benefit from triple-glazed, aluminium-clad timber windows, offering a superior level of insulation and soundproofing. Windows will be openable to allow additional ventilation as required.

Passive design

Passive design and fabric first principles ensure that each home is expertly optimised to take advantage of winter heat from the sun. K1 homes will require minimal heating in winter, allowing much lower energy bills than most new developments.

Renewable energy

Domestic heating and hot water heating will be provided by the use of air-source heat pumps which are designed to extract heat from the outside air. Roofs at K1 have been optimised to allow for substantial solar energy generation, should residents want to explore this in the future.


Each house will have its own mechanical ventilation heat recovery system (MVHR) allowing air to be efficiently cycled and ventilated without losing warmth in the home.

Water efficient fittings

All K1 homes will be provided with water saving fittings such as low-flush toilets, flow restrictors and aerators allowing residents to reduce water use without compromising on comfort.

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